Marcin von Grotthuss

Marcin von Grotthuss

Company: The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard

Job title: Senior Computational Scientist


Senior Computational Scientist with 18 years of experiences in developing sophisticated, analytical, bioinformatics algorithms, pipelines, and portals as well as applying them to understand complex biological data.

Credo: the properly conducted analysis of combined clinical, molecular and genomic data can be easily translated into clinical applications to increase a success rate of drug developments and to provide personalized medicine solution to patients.


Panel: Know the Present, Predict the Future 1:30 pm

• Augment processes with machine learning utilizing the research, preclinical and clinical data available • Consider the potential of personalized medicine and the technology required to make early predictions of the “ideal” patient for both clinical trial and treatmentRead more

day: Day Two

Q&A Panel 4:10 pm

Read more

day: Day One

Strategies for Building AI-ready Data Sources and (semi)autonomous Reasoning Agents Operating on top of them 4:00 pm

Here, we present a prototype Translator framework and architecture, which we have developed for integrating semantically, annotated Knowledge Sources (over 40) and for creating a data platform to support automated reasoning and serendipitous discovery of new ‘facts’ or interesting and testable hypotheses. We also discuss the strategies of how to integrate and provide high-value AI-ready…Read more

day: Day One

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