"The AI-ML Drug Discovery & Development Summit has established a two year run as an unusually good environment for deep and focused discussion of this fast-moving topic.  It unites a broad and talented group of thinkers from big pharma, the startup world, and academia, but is still small enough for meaningful dialogue."

Ari Allyn-Feuer, Principal Data Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals


"The AI-ML summit was fantastic. The information I got was beyond expectation. The case sharing was informative and enlightening. The speakers’ cases answered some questions that I had before the meeting and inspired me to explore AI in my own work."

Sammy Cui, Senior Research Associate, Unilever


"We need to look through the hype as real breakthroughs will only come when AI can be applied to QC clinical and biological data that are more fuzzy and subject to experimental noise then the 'clean' genetic data."

Hugo Geerts, CSO, In Silico Biosciences


"This meeting has a perfect balance between technology discussion and strategic planning in the field. People interaction is a key focus of this meeting with lots of discussion sessions and plenty chances of Q&A."

Lei Jia, Senior Scientist, Amgen


"The AI-ML meeting is a must-attend event for whoever wants to know the state of the art of AI in pharma."

Rafael Depetris, Principal Scientist, Kadmon


"This Summit provided fantastic opportunities to network with people and to discuss with them the emerging AI application in the pharmaceutical industry."

Jiajie Xiao, Drug Discovery Data Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline


"AI-ML is an extremely well-run, well-attended conference with the industry leaders who are applying artificial intelligence in healthcare and Pharma innovation. I definitely intend to be back next year."

Robert Cain, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Spekton Systems


"This event had a strong representation from Pharma and the companies involved in using AI in drug discovery. It had the proper bend towards technical information that kept us interested and was informative for the attendees."

Timothy Dockins, Chief Operating Officer, Spektron Systems, LLC.


"Diverse set of talks; great way to get caught up on what is going on in the industry."

Ton van Daelen, Product Director, Dassault Systemes


"I approached the conference from the perspective of applied research in the academic setting.  This was very helpful in clarifying challenges and opportunities in this space as it relates to our existing and potential future partners. Also, very knowledgeable and enjoyable people to meet. "

James Ciuca, Development Officer for Commercialization, Carnegie Mellon University, Center for Machine Learning and Health


"The meeting allows ample opportunities for networking and discussions. The speakers were active in a wide range of research areas."

Randal R. Ketchem, Vice President of Molecular Design, Just Biotherapeutics


"It is a very informative conference which captures most of the frontier AI actions in this industry."

Yiwen Huang, R2.ai

"We need to transfer our conversation around "AI" from the domain of hype into the domain of science and engineering. Our knowledge of complex biological systems is still rudimentary and it is exciting to realize how much we need to learn yet."

Michael Kremliovsky, Director, Medical Devices & eHealth, Bayer


"Thank you for hosting the event. I thought the quality of speakers was very high, particularly the key scientists at significant pharma companies. I appreciated the diversity of company sizes as well – start-ups, mid sized companies, and large pharma. I also liked the intimacy of the event and having the chance to meet a lot of folks. Really great event!  "

Daanish Jamal, GreatPoint Ventures


"I had a really good opportunity to interact with every participant at this conference. The "Discuss" sessions and the Speed networking were an essential component of this meeting, which cannot be replaced by "virtual" conferences or webinars. 10/10 would recommend."

Tudor Oprea, Professor, UNM School of Medicine


"Exceptionally focused meeting joining high level strategic thinking with meaningful technical detail.  Excellent slate of attendees and speakers, and in particular an amazing density of productive interstitial and after-hours networking."

Ari Allyn-Feuer, University of Michigan Medical School