February, 2020

Check out the AI-Machine Learning Clinical Development Summit

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Why Attend AI Pharma Innovation: Drug Discovery Summit?

AI-PI: Drug Discovery Summit explores technical, data driven, case studies of real world implementation of AI within the drug discovery pipeline to address data quality, standardization and sharing challenges.

As the level of pharmaceutical innovation becomes increasingly unsustainable, drug discovery processes in particular are ripe for transformational change through the application and implementation of AI and Machine Learning technologies.

The AI-PI Drug Discovery Series discovers technical insights and data driven case studies that showcase the challenges, learnings and takeaways currently being faced by large pharma and biotech who are scaling up their practical application of AI. Whether AI technologies are being used to predict better outcomes or improve human decision making, understand the reality of translating hype into a drug discovery reality.

Key Topics to be Addressed in 2019:

symbol logo How AI technology has been adopted and applied to a big pharma early drug discovery pipeline, and what has the effect been.
symbol logo What the areas of drug discovery are where AI has the greatest potential to provide real value imminently.
symbol logo What AI drug discovery pipeline looks like, and where have been the challenges in adoption applications and analysis.

If you are looking to harness the power of AI to improve target validation, lead optimisation, drug design, data mining or for drug repositioning applications, join fellow drug discovery, chemoinformatics and computational chemistry professionals at the 2nd AI PI: Drug Discovery Summit as they share technical expertise and collaborate to overcome fundamental data challenges to extract maximum value of AI in a drug discovery and biological context.