About Event

R&D Processes for the Future: Accurate, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Investment, resources and implementation of AI in the pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly picking up speed over the last few years. Mindsets have shifted and it is no longer about ‘if’ AI applications can be useful, but ‘where’ they can be useful.

The AI-ML in Drug Discovery Summit brings together the industry leaders, technology experts and academics focused on augmenting these R&D processes.

Over 3 days packed with compelling case studies, diverse panels and varied networking opportunities, you’ll discover insights from the pioneers developing and implementing technological solutions for pharma’s greatest problems. The 2021 agenda will reflect the strides taken by the community over the past year and mistakes made as well as forming the future of machine learning solutions in the R&D process.

Hands-on Workshops 

We believe in practical learning and nothing champions this better than our 3-hour workshops. This year’s workshops will explore drug repurposing, AI during Covid-19, the limits of machine intelligence and the translation of technology applications across the entire pharma value chain. View Workshop Details Here. 

Diverse Discussions 

Our panels bring together multi-specialty, cross background professionals to discuss the biggest challenges faced by the industry and discover the solution together. The use of artificial intelligence poses exciting possibilities, but this can be overshadowed by hype. AI-ML 2021 will bring some healthy debate to the unknowns and tackle current challenges such as the ‘Black Box Problem’ and the important question – AI: hype or helpful?

Compelling Case Studies 

AI-ML 2021 provides a forum for leaders to share the latest advancements in the application of ML to R&D processes. Each case study has been carefully selected as real-world representations of how R&D processes can be augmented with the right technological solutions – and the hurdles along the way. View the agenda here. 

Productive Networking 

From constructive conversations over coffee and croissants to dextrous discussions over drinks, our varied networking program has something for everyone. Join over 100 of your peers at AI-ML's networking sessions including: 

  • Speed networking
    Establish meaningful business connections at a rapid rate. Efficiency at its finest.
  • Lunch seminars
    Maximise productivity by pairing food with food-for-thought at the optional lunchtime seminars.
  • Speed learning 
    Roundtable discussions like you’ve never seen them before. Uncover the story behind four fibrotic therapeutic developments in one quick-fire session.
  • Evening reception poster session 
    Constructive conversations over cocktails and canapés to the backdrop of posters.
  • Women in tech breakfast 
    The trail-blazers breaking glass ceilings and the up-and-comers meet to map out the future of empowering women into scientific careers.
  • End of conference wrap up roundtables 
    10 tables, 10 problems, 10 solutions. Ready, set, resolve


Join us for all of this and more at AI-ML: Drug Discovery Summit 2021 – where the next generation of R&D processes will be born.