February 26-28, 2018

San Francisco, USA

Effective Adoption & Practical Application of AI & Machine Learning Technologies to Accelerate & Enhance the Discovery of Safe, Effective and Value-Based Drugs.

The AI Pharma Innovation: Drug Discovery Summit is a solution led event solely focused on harnessing the power of AI & machine learning to enhance and accelerate drug discovery productivity towards the development of safe, effective and value-based drugs.

This event will bring together the leading scientists, technology developers, and key decision makers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to assess and address key challenges standing in the way of the adoption and practical application of AI and machine learning technologies across the early phases of drug discovery value chain in order to increase levels of pharmaceutical innovation and maximize drug discovery assets.

Take a look at the Full Event Guide for more detail or register here.

“Very good, the breadth of topics on offer helped provide some really good perspective.”

Richard Kelsey, Senior Manager, Accenture

"Promising new conference that I am looking forward to attending again."

Marko Zivkovic, Chief Scientific Officer, Genesis Research

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